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This is the dw of RCT. Generally I think I'm going to keep posting my content as [profile] pimpmytardis on LJ. I'm almostlucy on tumblr. Follow me one of those places. This journal is mostly for comments.
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(I wanted to find this one again too. Still not a journal with actual posts in it.)


You probably thought I'd pick a season 7 episode for DS9. But no! I pick 2x15, "Paradise". This is one of my mom's least favorite episodes ever. I think it has some potential. Unfortunately, I think the very best possible thing for it would be A.) movie-length- this thing's way too rushed- and B.) not Star Trek. But if it still has to be a DS9 story...

-First and foremost, get rid of the fucking punishment box. It's (unintentionally) kind of funny, not intimidating.

-Alixus needs a way better reason for creating the dampening field. Maybe I'm forgetting something, but a grudge against Starfleet for some reason would give her motivation and more reason to grate against Sisko.

-Play up her hypocrisy- the only way she can sustain her technology-free paradise is with some serious technology.

-More time for the story to develop would also help establish her brainwashing. It's been 10 years since the crash, but it doesn't feel that way at all. People who grew up with Federation-level luxury and have a lot of experience with advanced medicine and science aren't going to give up all their belief in that just because they're cut off from supplies. Alixus needs to establish fear and suspicion of advanced technology (claim it caused their crash?), and the writers can establish that by the colonists being way more hostile to Sisko and O'Brien until they give up their gear.

-That way, when the colonists stay there's more of an emotional payoff for the audience.
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(Hi, I know I said I'd keep this journal mostly for comments. I liked this lengthy fix for DS9 S7 and wanted to be able to easily find it again, rather than having to google for it. Anyway, feel free to read or ignore this as you see fit.)

I'd pick Deep Space Nine season 7. 6 starts some of the problems (I attribute a lot of the decline to Robert Hewitte Wolfe leaving after season 5) but because it's such an arc-based show, there's enough solid material that continues on lines established in the earlier seasons.

Season 7 is bad because it disregards a lot of the character development built by the first 6. Basically I would make sure the character writing stayed a LOT more consistent.

Surprisingly, I'd keep most of Ezri Dax's arc- she has a lot of potential. She gets more character-focused episodes than average (mostly at the expense of Miles episodes), so that as a new character that season she gets a complete mini-arc from when we meet her. As a station on the front lines, DS9 really could use a counselor and it's a career that was never really used to best effect with Deanna Troi's storylines. Instead of the plots of Ezri revisiting Jadzia's attraction to Worf, give her more stories of her actually COUNSELING people (and herself). Drop the episode with her family and Miles undercover altogether. Tweak the one with her exploring Dax's murderous host to catch a killer, but it's not bad and keeps her stories psychologically based.

Sisko's Emissary plotlines were always my least favorite part of DS9. It's pretty clear that the first 6 were building to his ascension, so I won't change that. I would jettison the stuff with Sisko's mother being one of the prophets, and the conspiracy theory stuff that the whole Star Trek mythos is just taking place in Benny Russell's mind. *eyeroll* Give Kassidy more to do, especially more ass-kickery.

Drop the Dukat as Pah Wraith emissary subplot, and especially drop the Dukat-as-a-Bajoran nonsense and Dukat/Winn. Basically this:

Dukat and Winn are both at their best at their most ambiguous. If we HAVE to remove him from leading the Cardassian faction of the Dominion, do something else with him. Maybe link Kai Winn to Section 31 in some way. Winn hates Sisko-the-Emissary and the Federation has always been uncomfortable with it. Perhaps there's something they could have tried to do something to stop him ascending to a higher plane of existence?

On the subject of Section 31, it's unfortunate that Garak was always off involved with Odo, Kira, and Damar and the Cardassian Resistance and was never in any of Bashir's Section 31 episodes. Maybe they elaborate on that in the DS9 relaunch novels?

Less holosuite episodes (although DS9 has mercifully few of them in comparison to TNG and Voyager; and some of DS9's are quite good- "His Way" and "Our Man Bashir" come to mind). I like Vic Fontaine in season 6's "His Way" and his cameo in the Mirror Universe is hilarious. But god he gets overused in season 7. I'd keep "It's Only a Paper Moon" because Aron Eisenberg's acting is great in it, and it shows some consequences of the war beyond the physical. And it has Ezri actually doing counseling stuff. Maybe trim the baseball episode into a funny B-plot to an episode with more serious A-plot?

Keep everything about Weyoun because Weyoun is awesome, especially the cool Weyoun 6 story. Keep Damar's involvement in the Cardassian resistance. Keep the ending of Kira/Odo's relationship and the end of the Dominion War with regards to the Founders. The virus plot isn't my favorite, but it works ok and the series should end with Odo rejoining his people.

I don't hate season 7, but its flaws are all the more noticeable because the rest of DS9 is so strong. As you can see, there's a lot of things I'd keep. But after the heights of Seasons 4 and 5, 7 is just FRUSTRATING.


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